Takashi Harada, a Japanese artist currently based in New York City, has worked with the theme of human existence in relation to the embraced senses and memories in nature.
Examining the elements of realism and surrealism with the traditional Japanese painting technique,  Nihonga, Harada’s work brings meditations on the ever-changing seasons and beauty of natural landscapes. In doing so, Harada explores both his own personal memories and simultaneously invites a collective experience of empathy, nostalgic reflection, and emotion towards the natural world. 
Harada studied Japanese classical painting,  Nihonga, at universities in Japan, he left his home country to live in Germany, France, Canada, and the United States to explore the possibilities of  Nihonga composed in a variety of new environments outside of Japan. Harada’s style is rooted in the traditional spirit of Japanese classical art, "painting beautiful things beautifully,” and experiments with ambiguous forms, ornamental design elements, and stylistic beauty which evokes visual sensitivities. As he continues to explore the boundaries of traditional Japanese aesthetics, Harada intertwines with the consciousness of human coexistence with nature.
Takashi Harada spends significant time being completely unified with the great wilderness. His deeply emotional experience is soaked into Harada’s paintings with a palpable sense of intimacy and allows anyone to share in a powerful moment of meditative reflection.
Takashi Harada's works were selected for solo exhibitions, including "As in a Dream" at Sato Sakura Gallery in NY, "Elements of the Nature" at Dyckman Farmhouse Museum in NY, USA; "Abeno Harukas Kintetsu" at Main Store Gallery in Osaka, Japan; and at Scott White Contemporary Art in San Diego, CA, USA; to name a few. Harada's works are in major collections of "Tokyo University of the Arts, Kawasaki Heavy Industry Company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Company, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, and The Westine San Diego. Takashi Harada earned his Doctor of Arts Degree, MFA, and BFA at the school of Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music.