Neil Douglas is a London-based, British artist. His work explores the relationship between the organic and the manmade, challenging the preconception that nature and artifice are antithetical in modern metropoleis. His cityscapes blur the boundaries between the concrete and chaotic, and the peace of the pastoral. Layer upon layer of oil on canvas reveal the contrivance of the urban landscape; the tree with roots forced into a cement sidewalk, or a blossom blooming against whitewashed walls.

Douglas’ studied in Wolverhampton, England. His paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the US with group and solo shows at galleries and museums such as Holy Trinity Church, London; REDSEA Gallery, Brisbane; Pontone Gallery, London; Art Central, M Contemporary, Hong Kong; Flowers Gallery, New York; Barbara Frigerio Gallery, Milan; Besharat Gallery, France and Art Moorhouse, London. His works form a part of significant private collections across the world.